Cinderella, a Fairly True Story

A new timeless tale comes alive.

At the cemetery. 8-year old Louise cries over her mother’s grave and refuses to leave with her father Leopold. Suddenly, the angel statue comes alive. It is the spirit of her late mother. She warns her of tough times ahead but reassures her that regardless what happens, she will always be by her side. Louise transforms into an adolescent – Cinderella. The reporter who has watched her grow up urges her to take charge of her destiny.

The Prince’s servants come by Cinderella’s mansion. They hand her stepsisters the invitation to the ball. Not wanting Cinderella to attend the ball, her selfish stepsisters and stepmother lock her up in a cupboard.

It’s 8pm and the ball commences. The ladies are trying to woo the Prince when an enormous pumpkin carriage makes a grand entrance. Cinderella steps out and is introduced as Louise, Countes sa Ella of the Cinders. It is love at first sight for both Cinderella and the Prince who cannot take their eyes off each other. 

The clock strikes twelve and Cinderella flees, leaving her glass slipper behind which is found by the Prince’s first servant.

The Prince and his first servant are wandering aboutinsearchof ‘theone’.  ThePrinceisdesperatebutshecomforts him again in the song “Sooner or later”.

Cinderella is locked inside the cupboard when the Prince arrives at her mansion. Refusing to succumb to the evil witches, she manages to free herself. Her stepsisters fail to fit into the shoe. Cinderella tries to convince the Prince that she is ‘the one’, but is shunned for being a maid. Just as they are about to leave, they hear the voice of Cinderella’s late mother. She tells the Prince to look Cinderella in the eye, and sure enough, he recognises her.

All’s well that ends well. The Prince and Cinderella tie the knot in a cathedral and they live happily ever after.

A refreshing new take on a classic fairytale.


We all think we know this story...

We all think we know this story, about a kind-hearted girl who lost both her mother and father, and whose terrible stepmother belittles her and treats her like a servant in her own house. The girl who is transferred into a princess by her fairy godmother sneaks into the ball in the royal palace and marries the prince.

Get ready for... The fairly story

But there’s more to the story than we always thought. A highly talented team of creatives now presents you the real story of this poor girl. Well, the fairly true story anyway.


AS SEEN through the eyes of a cynical reporter

We get to experience the story through the eyes of a cynical reporter, with his own vision on Cinderella’s life and ambitions. He rejects any magical interventions and encourages Cinderella to face up to her own responsibility. If she’s not happy, why doesn’t she take matters in her own hands? Cinderella’s tale is sometimes funny, sometimes tough, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes confusing, but always fairly true.


a brand-new version with a surprising contemporary twist

‘Cinderella, the fairly true story’ brings you the classical fairytale in a brand-new version with a surprising contemporary twist. In short, a family show in the true meaning of the word.

  • GENRE : Romantic Family Musical

  • TARGET GROUP: 7-77


  • FORMAT: Theatre